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4 pack- $3 

Includes 4 individual plants. Each plant typically grows 4-8 inches tall and 8-12 inches wide.

Flat- $18

Includes 8 4-packs totaling 32 individual plants  


4.5” pots - $2 each

These pots contain one larger plant. These plants provide instant gratification when mixing into container gardens.


6” pots - $4 each

These pots are larger so they work well in large pots or planted in the garden. They will make nice full clumps of flowers very quickly.


8” pots - $6 each

These are our largest size available and are used for large planters and in the garden. You can make a larger display of color easier and quicker when planting larger pots.  These are great for large beds. Landscapers prefer to plant using this size.


10” Hanging Baskets - $12 each

Our hanging baskets are filled with new wave pansies that trail over the edge of the pots.  They are an easy and inexpensive way to bring Spring color to the front of the home or patio.  Many people will also use these to transplant into their planters for a fuller instant gratification container. 


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