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Bountiful Gardens Fundraiser Program is designed so that we can help all of the nonprofit organizations and not just a selected few. Before developing this program we were asked by surrounding schools, churches, clubs of every kind, sports teams, etc., to donate. Each year our budget was used up after a few and we would have

to decline helping others because their just wasn’t anymore money to give out. Now we

have a great program that is a win win. We win because we can now say yes to all donation

requests and support them all while they support us. The non-profit organization wins

because they are raising money. The participants of the non-profit organization they

support win because they are getting something they love (plants) while supporting their

organization. This is how it works. All friends and participants of the nonprofit organization

are invited to take part in the fundraiser! The participants donate, by coming out

to Bountiful Gardens to purchase plants, shrubs, trees, garden accessories,

etc. Upon their arrival at Bountiful Gardens, they will need to inform our staff what

organization they are from and the name of the active fundraiser. We will issue a swipe

card that the participant will hold onto and be required to present each

time a purchase is made for the organization’s fundraising event.



When the participant purchases our products, we swipe their card, a percentage of the sale (to be determined) goes right to the fundraiser. The administrator of the fundraiser can go online from their phone or computer to the fundraiser’s link. The administrator will see full transparency of each transaction, money raised thus far as well as when and whom is participating. This assures everyone involved that every cent is being tracked and accounted for. There is no cost for a non-profit organization or group to take part in this program. ‎ All that Bountiful Gardens requires is that the participants advertise, spread the word to all of their friends and assure their success in raising funds!

To get started, stop by Bountiful Gardens to discuss your next fundraising campaign. 


Already registered as a fundraiser for your school or community organization?

TRACK your fundraising purchases.

Are you the administrator for your organization’s fundraising effort through Bountiful Gardens?

EMAIL US today with any questions.

*In store purchases made by the customer on products in store only will be acceptable and applicable under our Rewards Program.


Landscape Designs,‎ Maintenance, Delivery and Installations are Services and DO NOT Qualify as a purchase earning Rewards dollars.


Weddings and Event Services do not Qualify as a purchase earning Rewards Dollars.

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