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Garden Consultations

Garden Consultation

Consult with one of our educated team members in store for one hour to discuss your needs, problem areas, and vision so we can achieve the garden design of your dreams.  You may have a space that you don’t know what to do with.  You may have difficulty visualizing what looks good and where.  We use a program called Pro Landscape which gives you a realistic visual of what your property will look like once we’re finished.  If you need insight, tips, suggestions, or general advice, this service is for you.

Price: $150/hr

In-Home Consultation

Consult with an expert horticulturist at your home for one hour to discuss your gardening needs both indoors and outdoors.  We can offer solutions and advice if you’re having difficulties planting indoors and outdoors, or if you just need suggestions on what to pick next.  A picture of your property is one thing.  The opportunity to physically show the area to your designer and discuss the property in person creates an easy, personal and effective design experience.

**We charge a fee of $10 for the first 15 minutes of driving to you from our closest location.  A fee of $10 is generated for each 15 minutes further we have to drive.

Price: $150/hr

Planting Services

We sell plants both online or in store, and offer planting services on any online purchase you make. No matter the size of your project, we will plant for you! 

Buying online is convenient!  You can choose to either pick up your plants or have them delivered, and if you have them delivered, we can plant them for you too!

Alternatively, you can visit one of our lush, beautiful stores and see everything in person!

**We will plant online purchases only if they're delivered.

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