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The corkscrew stems of this Corylus produce deep red leaves that last well into summer, then changing to green. Leaf size is medium and somewhat, allowing the contorted growth to be visible in the summer months. Decorative burgundy catkins will cover Red Dragon in the late winter and early spring, bring color and life to a landscape where little others are blooming!


Height (mature): 6-8 ft

Width (mature): 3-5 ft

Bloom Time: Late winter to early spring

Bloom Color: Burgundy 

Foliage Color: Burgundy to Green

Sun: Full sun to partial shade

Special: Drought tolerant 

Type: Deciduous Shrub

Corylus Avellana 'Red Dragon' (Harry Lauder's Walking Stick)

$125.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
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