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'Winter's Joy is one of many camellias bred by Dr. Ackerman using old hardy selections of C. oleifera with C. sasanqua or C. hiemalis. The plants withstand temperatures down below -10° F with no damage, so perfectly hardy in our climate.

Unlike the C. japonica species and cultivars which hang on to its unsightly brown, mushy flowers that spoil its beauty, this camellia's petals neatly fall from the shrub. This cultivar has an upright, columner habit which can be espaliered, grown as a standard, or kept trimmed as an informal hedge.

Camellias make great hedging material. Allow them room to grow to their full potential and you won't have to prune them annually to keep them in bounds. The added bonus is they aren't invasive, they don't suck everything out of the soil, and the deep green makes a great backdrop for other plants and flowers. In winter the additional bonus of flowers and we have a winner! Why would anyone plant a laurel hedge, when a camellia is far more outstanding!


Height (mature): 4-6 ft.

Width (mature): 4 ft.

Bloom Time: Fall to early winter

Flower Color: Pink

Foliage Colors: Dark green

Sun: Partial shade

Special: Deer resistant 


Camellia Japonica (Camellia) 'Winter's Joy'

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