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All of our types of sage are wonderful for cooking. Their leaves should always be dried before using and will keep their flavor for years! It's considered a MUST in stuffing and gravy. It also goes well in egg and cheese dishes!]


Types in Stock:

  • White- it has an intense scent when crushed or rubbed, making it a wonderful herb for smudge sticks, burning and essential oils. 
  • Purple- versatile for kitchen use in a multitude of receipes but also looks exvellent in mixed containers and broders. 
  • Pineapple- clip in the summer for beverages such as herbal teas or cocktails, muddles with lime juice, or chopped on fruit salad. The red flowers that grow on this plant are also nice tossed in a green salad. 
  • Berggarten- more compact than others, the large oval leaves are unliek the typical garden sage. Unique, pugnet flavor and aroma come out of its gray-green leaves.


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