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Mint is probably the most diverse herb that we have and is one of the hardiest and easiest herbs to grow! With 13different varieties of mint in stock, there is nothing you can't do. From zesting up a vegetable dish, to deodorizing your home, there are hundreds of ways to use this wonderful herb!


Types in Stock:

  • Orange- stronger flavor than most varieties with notes of citrus and spice with lavender undertones
  • Grapefruit- chop the leaves and sprinkle them in fruit salad, crush them and add them to iced tea, or freeze them in ice cube trays with water and add them to water after a workout. The tangy flavor also adds something special to fish and chicken dishes. 
  • Basil- unique scent' sweet and spicy mint fragrance used in Italian cooking.
  • Black- useful in chilled desserts that demand a sharp quality, like ice cream or sorbets. Also used in cocktails, specifically in Moscow mules. 
  • Chocolate- minty, chocolate flavor. Crush fresh leaves into water or add to tea or coffee. Also used for flavoring desserts like ice creams or cakes.
  • Ginger- great addition to fresh summer melon salads, as well as cool teas and lemonades. 
  • Julep
  • Pineapple- makes an attractive and fragrant ground cover and also grows well in container and hanging baskets. 
  • Banana
  • Apple- dried apple mint leaves are delicious in tea and used as a pretty and fragrant desert topping, or to make an apple mint salad dressing.
  • Peppermint- medicinal uses such as aiding digestion, as a natural decongestant, and lowering blood sugar. 
  • Curly Mint (Crispa)- fragrant, spearmint aroma and a sweet flavor. It doesn't have as strong a flavor as peppermint and is recommended that it be used when fresh. 
  • Citrus Kitchen Mint


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