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Music Box developed as an “own-root” rose, giving it a much hardier nature than many other roses. It flourishes with double blooms of creamy yellow centers surrounded by delicate pink blends along the outside. An everblooming mound of blossoms sit atop of glossy medium green foliage that is resistant to disease. They will repeat all summer long and each fragrant blossom features a petal count of about 35, depicting a fluffy appearance surrounded by the foliage. You don’t want to miss out on this rose!


Height (mature): 3-5 ft.

Width (mature): 3-4 ft.

Bloom Time:

Flower Color: Yellow/pink blend

Foliage Colors: Green

Petal Count: 35

Sun: Full sun 

Special: Disease and cold resistant 

Type: Deciduous

Rose: Easy Elegance ‘Music Box’

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