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Basil is a culinary herb, prominently featured in Italian cuisine.


Types of Basil in Stock:

  • Napoletano- spicy, traditional basil flavor.
  • Purple Ruffles- fragrance and flavor is stronger than Sweet Basil but milder than Green Ruffles. Its purple, ruffles leaves makes for an attractive garnish
  • Amethyst- the only purple Genoves-type basil. Great compannion and substitute for sweeter basil varieties and is a great seasoning for pastas, pizzas, and sauces, as well as eaten raw with olive oil, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. 
  • Genovese Compact- similar flavor, appearance, and leaf size as Genovese but in a more compact plant.
  • That (Siam Queen)- very strong, clove-scented basil. Used widely for its livorice-like, slightly spicy flavor.


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