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Organic Property Management

Bountiful Home & Gardens was founded to bring all elements of outdoor living under one roof. We specialize in Total Property Management- Landscape design, Installation, and maintenance.


Our commitment to Integrity is different than your average lawn care service. 

We will only use products that are acceptable under the most strict organic standards.  The key to having a beautiful, lush, green and organic lawn, garden, and trees is to stimulate the biological activity in the soil. The products we use feed the soil which encourages microorganisms rather than killing them with herbicides and pesticides. Traditional chemical lawn care programs deplete the soil leaving it sterile.  Sterile soil creates a dependence on chemicals = fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Because the soil is unhealthy it actually attracts and increases pests, disease and weeds.  With our organic program, once we get your soil back to healthy and rich in microbial life your lawn, shrubs, and trees will thrive on their own.   The microorganisms will now accomplish all the jobs that in the past would consume much more time, money, and energy.  An organic lawn and garden is self-sustaining.


Why should you switch from a chemical lawn service/program?


Your family’s health and your neighbor’s health. Lawn care pesticides are poisons that kill insects, weeds, and organisms.  Many are known or suspected to cause multiple myeloma, cancer of the brain, pancreas, breast, prostrate, kidney/bladder, eye, and colon, birth defects and infertility, non- Hodgkin lymphoma and Parkinson’s disease.  They can also damage the brain and nervous system, lungs, kidneys, liver, endocrine, and immune system.  Just because you do not get any symptoms from pesticides does not mean you are not being exposed and are not at risk.  Long-term effects such as cancer and brain damage, especially in children, may occur from low level exposures over time.  Children are much more susceptible to health effects of pesticides than adults.  Your pets can also be poisoned by lawn chemicals.

For more info regarding these important Safety concerns regarding pesticides read: What You Should Know about Lawn Care Chemicals by Marion Moses, M.D.



EcoSystem Damage is occurring due to the use of pesticides.  Recent studies of major rivers and streams documented that 96% of all fish, 100% of all surface water samples and 33% of major aquifers contained one or more pesticides at detectable levels. The most common pesticides found were those typically used for lawn treatments.  Other studies have determined that common pesticides at low level concentrations are highly toxic to aquatic wildlife and decreased their populations by nearly 70 percent.  The EPA does not require the testing of insecticides for their effects on beneficial insects, many of which prey on the problem insects and are therefore extremely important to the ecosystem and are important natural controls.  Bees for example, are important pollinators of many food crops.  We all know by now that Pollination is vital to food production.  The wild bird population has also been greatly reduced by pesticides.  Many pesticides are applied in granular form. Birds pick them up while searching for seeds.  Also, pesticide-killed insects become a readily available food source for birds and serve as another means of exposure.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services estimates that an estimated 67 million birds die from pesticide poisoning each year and more than 600 million are exposed.

These are just some of the many concerns of pesticide use.  We believe that you should switch to a natural organic lawn and garden program primarily because it’s better for all humans and the environment.  Our Organic Program is a healthy and effective alternative to a more dangerous method.  It works just as well and in time better than chemicals.  It just makes sense.

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