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Ewing Reservations

Looking for an informal after work get together? Or want to spend the morning repotting your plants without making a mess at home. Are you stuck on a project and just need an inspirational environment to work on it? Maybe you just want a nice yoga session in a warm venue during the upcoming cooler months. Rent some space in our heated greenhouse! We have picnic tables and workbenches for you to use, or we could clear a custom space for you.  


For a $5 deposit fee, you can reserve a time slot by choosing one of the five in the drop down box and pick which day you would like to come. We do not charge you for the space, the $5 that you deposit to reserve your spot goes towards any purchases you may make during your time here. If you would like to book a slot longer than an hour, make sure to indicate this on your booking, or call us at 609-583-5167.