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Nicknamed ‘Cat Claw,’ his vigorous climbing, heat loving, woody vine clings to any surface you put it on! The bright yellow flowers provide a beautiful display that brightens up the landscape. It’s ideal for cover any sunny wall, fence, or tree!


Height (mature): 20-30 ft

Botanical Name: Macfadyena unguis-cati

Bloom Time: Summer to Fall

Flower Color: Yellow

Foliage Colors: Green

Sun: Full sun to partial shade

Special: Deer resistant, attracts hummingbirds and butterflies


The beautiful tubular flower of the Trumpet Vine Plant ranges from yellow to orange to red. Blooming takes place throughout the summer and into the fall and the woody vines are usually strong enough to endure the winter while other growth will generally die back, returning again in the spring. It prefers well-drained soil but it is resilient enough to adapt to nearly any soil you throw its way. Plant this vine some distance away from the home, such as on a trellis, fence or large pole. Those all work well as support structures!

'Yellow' Trumpet Vine

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