This viburnum is unappetizing to deer and very adaptable to garden stressors (like poor soil, heat, drought, etc.), making it a great choice for any landscape. Large puffballs of creamy white flowers top this shrub in the late spring, releasing a powerful scent, adding another element of interest to the landscape. The summer flowers are followed by masses of small round berries that begin green and then turn to pink, red, and black by the fall.


Height (mature): 1-2 ft.

Width (mature): 1-2 ft.

Bloom Time: Mid to late spring

Flower Color: White

Foliage Colors: Dark green

Fruit Color: Green, Pink, Red, Black

Sun: Partial sun, partial shade

Special: Attracts birds

Type: Deciduous 

Viburnum 'Lil Ditty'

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