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This clematis features rounded, larger flowers that are a gorgeous royal purple color. The blooms cover the vine from the late spring until the early fall, followed by silky seed heads. 


Height (mature): 10-12 ft.

Botanical Name: Clematis 'Jackmanii Superba'

Bloom Time: May to October

Flower Color: Purple

Foliage Colors: Green turning yellow in autumn 

Sun: Full sun to partial shade

Special: Deer resistant, attracts butterflies


Clematis vines are among the most attractive flowering vines! Nicknamed ‘The Queen of Vines,’ Clematis vines are easy to grow with a long season of bloom. These deer resistant vines prefer sunny locations and cool soil. They love support while they grow, so smaller growing clematis do great on poles and larger growing ones are great on arbors. Most varieties fall somewhere in the middle, doing very well along a trellis or fence!

‘Jackmanii Superba’ Royal Purple Clematis

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