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Privacy Screens

Looking for a little more privacy from the neighbors? Need to block out unwanted noise? Need wind screening? Forget expensive, unsightly fences! We carry the best privacy screen trees on the market! Instantly block out the neighbors, increase your property value, and benefit the environment all in one step. 

What are Privacy Trees?

Privacy trees tend to be trees that are dense, moderately tall, and fast growing. Privacy trees provide the grower with a product that will prevent neighbors from viewing the yard, block an unsightly view, and assist in noise abatement. 
There a several choices of trees that will perform well in providing a living fence or screen. The first choice is whether the grower desires an evergreen tree or a deciduous tree. Evergreen trees tend to be denser and more long lived than some deciduous trees that are commonly used. 
Considerations for the choice of tree would include, how tall do they need to be, how thick or dense they need to be, how long they need to live, how fast do they grow, how much space the tree will encompass, and how much care they will need over their lifetime.


What is a hedge?


A hedge is simply a fence or boundary formed by closely growing bushes or shrubs. The plants will grow together forming what looks like a single plant.

The following "checklist" will help you get organized to make the right "Instant Privacy" Tree decision:

How tall does your privacy screen need to be when it is full grown?

Emerald Green Arborvitae will grow to a mature height of 12' or so, which is sufficient for most screening. All the other privacy trees we carry will grow taller than that.

How many feet in width do you need to cover?

You have to know this so you can determine how many trees you need.

How much of your yard can you give up for the screen?

This is a big issue. If you have a large yard, any of our trees will work for you. But if you have either a smaller yard or don't want to give up a lot of your yard to privacy trees, then you need to look at this carefully.

Are you willing to prune your trees, or do you want "low maintenance"?

Have you considered hedges, which are not as high as trees, but still provide you ground level privacy?

What is the "look" you want?

Many people love the look of the Emerald Green Arborvitae, while someone looking for a more "rural" or "natural" look will want to go with firs and cedars. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." 

Are you willing to water your trees?

Your answer has to be "Yes"; otherwise, build a wooden fence. Newly planted trees need water and so you need access to a water source and a watering/sprinkler system.  

How "full" do you want your privacy screen to be immediately?

You have choices as to how you want to space the trees when you plant them-put them close together to obtain maximum screening now, or space them wider to save on the budget and wait for them to grow together.

Would you like us to deliver and plant the trees?

You are welcome to simply pick-up the trees from us, but most people have us deliver and plant them.  These are big, heavy trees.

Where can I go for more information?
Stop by one of our three locations locations or give us a call at: 908-526-5500 for more information.


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