Sourwood - Oxydendrum Arboreum

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Characteristics: The Sourwood is a deciduous/flowering tree that provides a truly one of a kind display in the Summer and Fall. Its showy, mid-Summer flowers very fragrant and contrast beautifully against the green foliage. In the Fall, the Sourwood's foliage undergoes an unbelievable transformation, revealing bold colors ranging from fiery red to deep burgundy/purple. Take advantage of this tree's multi-season interest by planting it near patios, as a lawn specimen, focal point, shade tree, or in a woodland garden.


Zone: 5-9

Size: Reaches 20' high x 15' wide

Shape: Pyramidal to rounded habit

Foliage: Dark Green, Glossy

Fall Color: Intense display of color including shades of crimson to purple-red and hints of yellow

Flower: Waxy, white flowers resembling Lily of The Valley bloom in June/early July

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