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Ornamental Onion 'Globemaster' - Allium

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Characteristics: The 'Globemaster' is a bulbous perennial that is grown for its spring bloom of spherical, deep lavender flower heads. The strap-shaped, gray-green, basal leaves form a clump of foliage in spring, as the leaves begin to wither in mid-spring. Deep lavender to silver-purple flower heads (terminal umbels to 6-10" in diameter) packed with individual star-shaped florets collectively display a metallic sheen.

Height: 18-30 inches

Color: Foliage - Green / Flower -&nbspDeep Lavender

Spread: 12-18 inches

Blooms: Late Spring

Sun: Full Sun

Resistant to: Deer, Drought, Black Walnut

Attracts: Butterflies

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