Ninebark 'Summer Wine' - Physocarpus Opulifolius

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Characteristics: This small tree is not only showy, but additionally tolerates a wide range of soil types and is both cold hardy and drought tolerant. Dark, dramatic foliage and peeling bark on mature branches makes this the perfect tree for a landscape accent. 'Summer Wine' can also be planted in groups for a border or screen. Plant this variety in front of greenery to heighten visual impact in your landscape.


Height (mature): 7 ft

Width (mature): 4 ft

Bloom Time: Spring/early summer

Sun: Full sun to partial shade

Shape: Mounded/Dense Growth Habit

Foliage Color:  Wine-red/burgundy, turning a green hue in hot summer climates

Flower Color: Pink

Special: Attracts birds and butterflies 

Sun: Full sun to partial shade

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