Lollipop Crabapple 'Lollizam' - Malus

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Characteristics: This wonderful miniaturized crabapple is perfect for small yards and gardens; it is a top-grafted tree that features a neat, compact crown and maintains its unique form without any pruning. This variety presents excellent disease resistance, impressive hardiness, and is easy to grow. The formal, symmetrical appearance of this crabapple in addition to being a prolific bloomer makes this little tree perfect for planting near patios, along houses, use as a border or paired to mark an entryway. The Lollipop Crabapple also looks fantastic as a single specimen or lawn accent.


Exposure: Full Sun/Part Shade

Zone: 4-9

Size: Reaches 8' high x 9' wide

Shape: Dense, Rounded Habit

Foliage: Small, forest-green leaves

Flower: An abundance of small, fragrant, pure-white blossoms blanket the tree in Spring

Fruit: Small, golden-amber fruits emerge in Fall

Wildlife: Attracts birds

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