Hawthorn 'Winter King' - Crataegus Viridis

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Characteristics: 'Winter King' is a widely planted, more disease-resistant variety that is well known for its profuse bloom of flowers, larger fruit, and more attractive fall color than other hawthorns.  It is one of the best hawthorns for landscape use; excellent Spring-flowering specimen tree for lawns and streets, beautiful, bold color in the Fall as well as persistent fruit provide year round interest.


Exposure: Full Sun/Partial Shade

Zone: 4-7

Size: Reaches 20' high x 25' wide

Shape: Wide, Vase-Shaped Habit

Foliage: Glossy Green Leaves

Fall Color: Striking deep burgundy-scarlet foliage creates a beautiful display

Flower: Fragrant white blossoms blanket the branches in May

Fruit: Showy, bright red fruits ripen in September and remain well into the Winter season

Wildlife: Attracts birds and butterflies

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