Chinese Dogwood 'Wolf Eyes' - Cornus Kousa

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Characteristics: This compact, deciduous, ornamental tree is slow-growing, low maintenance and disease resistant. Because of  this tree's extended late Spring bloom period, show of brightly colored berries-- in addition to its unique branching pattern, 'Wolf Eyes' is a great specimen with year round interest. Plant this dogwood in a prominent location near your front door or patio to watch this cultivar transform through the seasons-- it is highly effective as a specimen or landscape focal point.


Exposure: Full Sun/Part Shade

Zone: 5-9

Size: Reaches 10' high x 10' wide

Shape: Spreading habit, horizontal branching

Foliage: creamy white and green, variegated

Fall Color: Outstanding brick red in the Fall

Flower: Showy, white flowers blossom in late Spring

Fruit: Crimson berries early-mid Fall

Wildlife: Attracts bird

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