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Fountain Care Instruction Manual

In order to keep your fountain to last with proper fountain maintenance, we highly recommend the following Fountain Care Instructions:

Cleaning Your Fountain

An environment of water, light, and air invites algae into your fountain; therefore algae growth is natural to fountains. Unfortunately, algae growth will clog and impede the flow of water through the pump. Therefore, it's essential that you clean your fountain pump, bowl, and rocks every 1-3 months. 

The best way to clean the fountain is with a soft terry cloth towel with some soapy warm water. Never use bleach or any other harsh chemical, as it can cause damage to the pump and water fountain. Remember to unplug any electrical components to prior to cleaning to reduce the risk of electric shock.

Caring For Your Pump

Don't let the pump run dry! Pumps are designed to be submerged and are only supposed to be used when fully submerged in water. 

Always remember to check on the water level of your fountain every 3-5 days depending on your weather conditions. During extreme summer weather conditions, please be sure to check you water levels daily as water tends to evaporate quicker. When you forget to fill your fountain with water you will end up burning out the motor in your pump.

Over time your pump will have algae build up on the pre-filter cage of the pump. If possible, remove the pre-filter cage from the pump to clean. Run the pre-filter cage through warm water and use an old toothbrush to lightly scrub the pre-filter cage and remove all algae build up. Run warm water over the reset of the pump to remove the algae build-up that is on the pump. We recommend doing this every 1-2 months depending on how quickly your fountain builds up algae. 

Water Levels

The most important aspect of fountain care is to maintain an adequate water level. Maintaining the right water level in your fountain will protect your pump from burning out. It's essential to check the water level every 1-2 days and fill as needed. 

We highly recommend using distilled water as it does not contain the minerals and additives found in local supplies which can cause damage to your pump and fountain.

Algae Build Up

Keep in mind that algae grows more quickly in bright sunshine areas, so you may choose not to put your fountain in direct sunlight. Change the water in the fountain ever month to reduce the growth of algae.

Winter Fountain Care

In cooler climates, it might be best to store your fountain inside for the winter, if possible. If not, follow the steps below:

1. Unplug and drain your foundation completely until it's completely dry of water

2. Fill the fountain bowl with burlap to prevent water from freezing on your fountain.

3. Disconnect the pump from the tubing located on the back of the fountain. 

4. Store the pump inside during the winter to prevent water freezing inside the pump motor.

5. Cover the fountain with a waterproof cover for the winter as well. 

The purpose of this process is to keep water from staying or building up in your water feature. The water in your fountain could freeze and therefore expand, leading to flaking surfaces or even cracks. Make sure to check your fountain during the winter season often in order to prevent any water build up. 

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