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Yoshino Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica 'Yoshino') provides a tall, dense, evergreen screen or graceful specimen for the landscape. It lends textural and color contrast to the landscape. The summer needle color is glistening blue-green and growth rate is fast. It provides a shade-tolerant alternative to leyland cypress when used for screening purposes in the landscape.


One of the most cold hardy forms. This pyramidal tree has a strong, dominant central leader with reddish brown bark on the main trunk. During winter the foliage will develop a bronzy-purple winter hue, especially when exposed to cold winds.


Cryptomeria Yoshino will grow and prosper in either sun or shade. It prefers moist, rich soils, but it is tolerant of sandy or clay soils.


Fertilize once a year in the spring landscape to maintain rapid growth and good foliage color. Little pruning is required. Like most conifers, cryptomeria looks best if the lower branches are allowed to remain on the plant, keeping foliage all the way to the ground.

Cryptomeria Japonica (Yoshino)

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