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Because the Royal Gala is an early bloomer, it is also an early fruiter. Owners can expect an initial harvest in mid-August, continuing through the Fall. Although the Gala apple is popular for their large, crisp fruit, they also resist bruising and can be stored up to six months. The Gala Apple tree is easy to grow, adaptable, and matures quickly. The apples are great for baking/fresh eating and the tree itself would make an attractive addition to any yard. To ensure pollination, this tree needs a compatible cultivar such as Red Delicious or Fuji. Use this tree for its ornamental properties, as an accent, or as a shade tree.


Exposure: Full Sun

Zone: 5-8

Size: Reaches 15' high x 10' wide

Shape: Broad, Oval-Shaped Spread

Foliage: Lush, Bright Green Leaves

Flower: Beautiful pink buds will open in Spring to reveal snowy white blossoms

Fruit: Produces medium to large fruit that is yellow-green with bold red stripes.The fruit is juicy and sweet with a slightly tart flavor

Apple Tree 'Royal Gala'

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  • Delivery and plantings are currently available in Somerset, Morris, Hunterdon and Mercer counties.


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