Golden European Beech 'Dawyck Gold' - Fagus Sylvatica

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Characteristics: With proper drainage, this European Beech can tolerate a wide range of soil types. 'Dawyck Gold' is truly a tree of all seasons, from it's beautiful silvery gray bark and exposed branches in the Winter to its rich, lime-green/yellow Spring color. This is a low-maintenance, easy to grow tree--no pruning is required to maintain its unique narrow form. Use 'Dawyck Gold' as a strong, vertical accent in your landscape; also effective as a shade tree or privacy screen when planted in rows.


Exposure: Full Sun/Part Shade

Zone: 4-9

Size: Reaches 40' high x 10' wide

Shape: Upright, Narrow, Columnar Habit

Foliage: Serrated, chartreuse leaves emerge golden

Fall Color: Bold, orange/copper bronze

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