Dogwood 'Cornelian Cherry' - Cornus Mas

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Characteristics: 'Cornelian Cherry' is a deciduous, flowering tree, widely recognized for its distinctive bright yellow flowers. It is adaptable to a wide range of soil types, including acidic and alkaline, and is generally low maintenance. Plant this dogwood as a landscape accent/specimen, or add to a mixed border for a beautiful color contrast in the Spring.


Exposure: Full Sun/Part Shade

Zone: 4-8

Size: Reaches 20' high x 22' wide

Shape: Oval/Rounded Habit

Foliage: Shiny, light-green leaves

Fall Color: Wine-red foliage

Flower: Clusters of showy, bright yellow flowers bloom in early Spring before the foliage emerges

Fruit: Small, showy deep red fruits appear in Summer, ripening in July

Wildlife: Attracts birds

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