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Landscape Maintenance

Bountiful Gardens was founded to bring all elements of outdoor living under one roof. We specialize in Total Property Management- landscape design, installation, and maintenance.

Unlike other landscape companies, we have a property manager assigned to each client. The property manager communicates with the client regularly and schedules all work when it’s needed for the entire season by walking the property weekly. We keep the landscape in perfect health and handle all aspects so the homeowners do not have to guess what to do, who should do it and if it gets done, was it done right? Our professional designers work hand in hand with the project manager and the crews who service the property to design and maintain our client’s landscape with one cohesive plan that reflects the home’s natural surroundings, the client’s needs, schedule, and budget. We pride ourselves in our extensive plant knowledge which allows us to choose and maintain the best plants for each properties unique characteristics. Not only is a landscape that has properly chosen plants for its site beautiful throughout the seasons, it is a sustainable landscape that saves water, money, and labor. Our Property Maintenance Program is tailored to meet the specific needs of your property and it includes but is not limited to weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and Quarterly visits.


Spring Property Garden Preparation:

We prepare plants for the upcoming season which includes organic fertilization, pruning, general clean-up and mulching the beds and borders.


Weekly and Bi-Weekly Maintenance:

Lawns: Mow, Edge, Reseed bare spots, Inspect for disease and pests

Beds: Weed, Dead-head blooms and yellow leaves, Inspect for disease and pests

Clean up: Blow, water pots and plants, clean/wipe down patio furniture


Monthly & Quarterly Maintenance:

Plant containers and beds with seasonal color

Prune and shape shrubs and trees (up to 15’)

Organically fertilize the lawn, shrubs, and trees using compost top- dressings,

compost tea foliar sprays, and deep root fertilization.


Garden Closing & Winterization:

We clean up the entire property by cutting back perennials and trimming shrubs and trees, leaf removal, protective mulching and any special wrapping for winter protection.

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