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Bountiful Gardens

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     ust like our plants, our company is always growing thanks to our faithful customers and their request for more services. Our list of services are not only landscape design, installation, and maintenance. We now offer our Container Gardens and Holiday Decorating in our Seasonal Packages. This year we will be offering Workshops and Classes at all three locations. Check out our Events Calendar for a full list of what we're hosting!

Seasonal Packages

Are you too busy to garden? Do you believe you have a brown thumb? you simply want your homes exterior to be absolutely amazing every season?? We have you covered!! We offer a unique service unlike any other landscape company!! We offer an easy program that we call our Seasonal Packages. For an annual fee we schedule to come to your home for each season- Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter (Holiday) and plant your planters and decorate for the holidays. Our clients love that we come out and just Get It Done!! Our designers are the most creative and they know plants. If you would like to learn more about our packages or would like a quote for your home, please email with photos of your home and planters and we will be happy to assist you!

We beautify the world.

We clean the air and provide oxygen to breathe.

We reduce crime, help sick people heal, add joy to the holidays and lift the spirits of those who are down.

We are the plants.

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