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Carex, also known as ‘Sedge Grass,’ has colorful, grass-like foliage that is sure to brighten your landscape! This flowering plant is mostly an evergreen, shade plant that adds dramatic form while texturally blending with most plants. They work wonderfully as edges by walkways, contrasting backdrops for smaller plants, or mixed into border plants. ‘Gold Strike’ is a variegated, ornamental with leaves that arch upward, then down in a grass-like clump. This can be used as  a colorful substitute for liriope as an edge or groundcover. 


Height (mature): 8-16 in.

Width (mature): 8-16 in.

Botanical Name: Carex Oshimensis

Bloom Time: May

Flower Color: Brown/tan

Foliage Colors: Green/gold/white

Sun: Partial shade

Special: Deer resistant, drought tolerant, low maintenance

Carex (Sedge Grass) ‘Gold Strike’

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