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'Black Jack' is a self-pollinating, drought-tolerant, highly adaptable variety. The sweet fruit ripens from June until September. This variety is great for growing in containers and small gardens since it can be pruned to size; this fig can serve as both an ornamental and a fruit tree-- it is equally effective as either a single specimen or in groups/as a screen. 


Exposure: Full Sun

Zone: 7-10

Size: Reaches up to 15' high x 15' wide (can be kept at 6' with annual pruning')

Shape: Upright/Spreading Habit

Foliage: Features soft, forest-green leaves

Fruit: Especially sweet, these figs are elongated and purple with dark red flesh

Wildlife: Attracts birds

Fig Tree 'Blackjack'

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  • Delivery and plantings are currently available in Somerset, Morris, Hunterdon and Mercer counties.


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