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English Ivy plants are excellent climbers and cling to almost any surface! Their small roots grow along the stems and are easy to care for so you can plant them in a hard to reach place without worrying! Hide unsightly views by growing English ivy as a screen on a trellis or as a cover for unattractive wall space. It also loves shade, making it an ideal ground cover under a large, shady tree where little else grows. If you want to bring your English Ivy indoors, grow it in pots with stakes or any other vertical structure so it can climb. If you prefer hanging baskets, it can tumble over the edges without stakes for climbing. 


Height (mature): Up to 50 ft. slowly 

Width (mature): 12 in.

Botanical Name: Liriope Mascari

Bloom Time: Summer/Fall

Flower Color: Purple

Foliage Colors: Green

Sun: Partial shade

Special: Deer resistant, drought tolerant, attracts butterflies

English Ivy

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