Noteworthy for its powerful contrast in the garden, this beautifully colored English rose combines beauty, fragrance, a long blooming-season and high resistance to disease!


Height (mature): 4-10 ft

Width (mature): 2-3 ft

Botanical Name: Rosa 'AUSencart

Bloom Time: Late spring to Fall

Flower Color: Pink/Red

Foliage Colors: Green

Sun: Full to partial sun 

Special: Attracts butterflies


Let these roses wined their way up pillars, weave their way through dences, or sprawl out on any other garden structure to enjoy its display! They’re known for their abundant blooms, prominently displaying their spreads and fragrances. Climbing roses can forma  vibrant landscape backdrop for border perennials and annuals. They’re also great for arbors, fences, trellises, and pergolas. Climbers are considerably less fussy than their bush-form rose cousins, making them easier to maintain. They’re a garden classic!

Climbing Rose 'Benjamin Britten'


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