Characteristics: Lady's Mantle is extremely popular for the beautiful foliage texture this lends to the garden. Plants form a mound of rounded, velvety soft olive-green leaves, which catch and hold water drops, then sparkle in the sun. Sprays of chartreuse flowers are a nice filler for cut arrangements. Excellent for edging. Plants should be sheared back after blooming to rejuvenate the leaves and generally tidy the clumps up for the remainder of the growing season. An easy-care perennial, growing well in sun or shade. May be divided in spring or early fall. Often self seeds around the garden.


Height: 12-18 inches

Color: Foliage - Green / Flower - Green, Yellow

Spread: 18-23 inches

Blooms: Early-midSummer

Sun: Full Sun, Part Shade

Resistant to: Deer, Rabbits

Attracts: Butterflies

Alchemilla Mollis (Lady's Mantle)


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