Ground Covers

Replace thirsty lawns with an attractive and drought-tolerant living carpet! Ground covers are durable, perennial plants with low spreading habits that make them ideal for use as ground covers, lawn substitutes, or edging plants! With colorful flowers or leaves, these plants offer unique design possibilities. The plants will quickly and beautifully fill in awkward corners and patches in your yard. 

A less demanding lawn alternative allows you to reduce your water, fertilizer, pesticide and mowing requirement. Ground covers are a particularly good solution for steep slopes. Add an attractive finishing touch to highlight your creative stone or woodwork!

Fragrant-leaved selections will release a pleasant scent when walked on. Cascading types of ground covers are excellent in containers where they can spill over the edges or fill in between other plants. More vigorous types are great for planting with bulbs to help cover up holes left by dying foliage. These low plants are the ideal size for the front edge of a flower border!

Planting Tips

- After preparing the soil, dig a hole twice the size of the root ball

-Remove plants from pot and break up the root ball if it's bound.

-Place the root ball in the hole and fill with water.

-Refill with soil. The root ball should be slightly below the soil surface.

-Water for a second time and you're finished!

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